How to find a job in Zillertal, Mayrhofen

Find a Job in Zillertal that will get you through the season 

In the previous post we got you covered with our tips to help you find accommodation in Zillertal. This time, we will be giving you the most important tips to find the perfect job for you and spend a season in Zillertal at ease. 

First things first, ask yourself these two question beforehand: Why are you on a season? Is it the party? Is it the lifestyle? Is it the slopes or the snowpark?… And second question; What are you willing to do? Think about it. It’s important to avoid the typical mistake of saying yes to the first job offer that comes your way. Remember: if you are there before the season starts, you’ll have a lot of different options. Don’t rush too much. If you are friendly and humble, you’ll have more than one option.

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There are a lot of options depending on your preferences. If you want to be free in the morning to be able to shred the park all day long, don’t you worry, there will be ski jobs for you. If, on the contrary, you prefer to work in the morning and do some other activities in the afternoon, you can go for different seasonal works.


Working at a restaurant normally means that you’ll get accommodation with it. A positive aspect for mountain lovers and park rats: if you get the night shift you can work during non-mountain hours. If you get the morning shift, you might find yourself working a lot and not being able to make your favourite manoeuvres on powder days. Ah, but don’t forget that working at a restaurant means FREE FOOD!

If you speak German you’re all good. If you don’t speak German, then you’ll probably end up washing dishes and doing the dirty job. So, once again, what are you willing to do?


There are plenty of cafes in the area. And sometimes, you’ll also be able to get accommodation through this. German is normally must but in many cases, you’ll be able to get away with learning a few sentences. Your working hours will most likely be during riding hours. So, yes, forget about getting many riding days. If riding is not your priority, then that’s great, you’ll be able to meet a lot of people.


Working for a ski resort means “FREE SKIPASS!!” and also you’ll spend a lot of time in the outdoors and on the mountains. Also, accommodation is very likely included. The downside of this is that you’ll be working during riding hours. But, hey, on your breaks you’ll be perfectly ready to go for a few runs!

German might not be mandatory but if you end up working as a liftie, you’ll probably need it to talk with your co-workers, as most of them are locals, very locals.

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Sexist or not, when it comes to babysitting, people normally prefer girls over guys. So this is probably something that you, girls, will be more likely to get. You won’t necessary need German for this. Sometimes, it will be even in your mother tongue. 

Don’t expect this to be your full-time job but if you’re lucky, maybe you will find a family that’s there for the whole season and you can make some hours having fun with kids, if you like kids, of course. You can email the tourist office (Tourismusverband Mayrhofen-Hippach) explaining that you’d like to be added to their babysitting list and they will contact you when your profile adapts to their needs.

Cleaning at Hotels, Holiday houses or Chalets in Mayrhofen and surroundings might not sound very appealing but it’s actually pretty decently paid. You’ll have good working times to enjoy your riding hours, and speaking German is not a must. The main problem is that you won’t be getting many hours of work, so most likely you’ll have to combine it with some other part-time seasonal job.

Great option to avoid working during riding hours. You’ll get a decent salary and good tips. Probably you’ll be offered accommodation by your boss(If not Check our article on How to find Accomodation in MAyrhofen). Just make sure that it’s not right above the pub, this will mean you’ll be hearing the music even on your days off. The downside is that you’ll have to handle pretty drunk tourists and seasoners on a daily basis, you’ll go late to bed and be on the mountain also late. So, if you are one of those that like to be from first to last chairlift on the mountain, forget about it.

This is a great option for non-German speakers. You won’t be making a lot of hours but you’ll get decently paid for what you do. It’s a super easy job and you won’t have to talk to people if you don’t want to. It’s easy to combine with another part-time job and your working hours will be after riding. Maybe, even at the après-ski right at the bottom f the slope.

There are plenty of ski schools in Zillertal and Mayrhofen that need new instructors year after year. Being a snowboard or ski instructor in You’ll spend a lot of time on the mountain, you’ll also get a free skipass and even accommodation. Plus, you’ll be getting paid to shred as much as you want. What are the negative points? Well, the salary is not great and mostly you’ll be working on perfect bluebird days with beginner tourists, instead of enjoying it with your homies.

 If you are a park rat and you don’t mind not getting too much salary as long as you can be out there, then, this might be a good option for you. You’ll spend a lot of time in the park, meet a lot of shredders, and get a free skipass and accommodation. But remember that a mountain is unpredictable and Instagram pictures are not always accurate. It will snow, a lot, and you’ll have to work hard and dig out features, shape them and repeat it all again with the next snowfall. It can be real tough.

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If you already know people that has spent a season In Zillertal there, ask them, also walk around, go to local agencies, funpark companies, ski schools, local bars, local restaurants and hotels, etc. Just move and go in person, bring your CV and dress up nice! And most importantly, be honest. Don’t lie. They’ll find out.

If you can speak German, always go for German. Remember that they appreciate people that can communicate in their own language. If you can say hi and introduce yourself in German, do it. They like people that make an effort. If you can’t do either of them, speak English and explain you cannot communicate in German. They won’t reject you either. This is a touristic place and they are used to people coming from all across Europe and beyond.

We’ve create a list for you with the places you can go that normally offer some seasonal works in Mayrhofen and Zillertal.

It’s a seasonal job, don’t expect to get rich. You won’t. The average wage is € 7-12 per hour for a seasonal job in mayrhofen . So, it’s all up to you and the hours you want to invest. 

No, but as we mentioned, Austrians like it more. You’ll find a job without german too. Don’t worry. But we suggest you to try to learn a little bit before you go. You don’t need to master the language. Learn the basics, use a few words, make an effort and you’ll make a great impression.

Once again, what are you willing to do to spend your season on the mountains? If you’re too picky, simply don’t go for a cleaning service at hostels or après-skis. Tourists that go there normally do it for the good parties. So expect to clean a lot of puke and disgusting stuff. If you’re not too picky, then, good luck with that! But don’t say we didn’t warn you beforehand!

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