How to find accomodation in Zillertal, Mayrhofen


moving into a new place is always complicated. You need to understand it won’t be easy at times. You might feel homesick, but it will end up being rewarding and worth your money, effort and time. A seasoner life is a whole different world to the kind of city life you might be used to. Be open, humble and friendly and everything will be smooth and easy. (You can have a look at HOW TO FIND A JOB IN ZILLERTAL

Here is what we will be talking about if you are interested keep reading: 

  • Arriving to Zillertal 

  • Accommodation in Zillertal 

  • Season Appartment

  • Our tips to make it work 

We won’t lie to you like others would: finding accommodation in the Zillertal valley is not the easiest. But hey, it’s also not impossible! So a big tip here is: book a flight and a hostel early before the season starts, and go in person to look for your season apartment in Zillertal. Austrians will appreciate it and you will find a place a lot earlier than doing it behind your computer.


If you are coming by car, no problem, your GPS will drive you safe and straight to the right place. There won’t be tricky roads. Just be aware that at night, Austrian roads might get a bit dark.

Your adventure has just started. If you land in Innsbruck, you will only have to go to the main train station (Check their website). You can take a bus from the airport to Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof (train station). From Innsbruck to Mayrhofen by train, it will take you about 1.30 h. Your route is this one: Innsbruck – Jenbach – Mayrhofen. In Jenbach you’ll take the Zillertalbahn, destination Mayrhofen (1 hour). It is an old-school train. If you like train rides, you’ll enjoy this one, for sure. The valley is pretty astonishing.

If you land in Munich, you can take a Flixbus for around € 19 that will leave you already in Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof.

The lazy option is to take a transfer from the airport (from Munich to Innsbruck or straight to Mayrhofen). This is also for those who think a carry on backpack plus a big snowboard bag is not enough to make it through the whole season. There is a fairly cheap transfer (around € 55) you can take from Munich airport with the company Four Seasons. You’ll only pay for your seat instead of the whole cab, so maybe you can meet some new people already at this point!


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This is something you really need to meditate on, especially if this is your first season. Do you like your house to be tidy and clean? Are you a party animal and you don’t give a shit? Do you think you’ll be too busy to step a foot in your house besides when you are sleeping? Depending on your answers, you’ll go for different options.
There is more than one of these in the valley. It is a great option to meet people. You’ll probably have to share an overpriced room with somebody that hopefully, you’ll become the best buddy with. Probably you’ll end up partying a lot too. A very positive point is that they all normally have a washing and drying machine.
Ok, this might be the normal option elsewhere, but I’m sorry, it’s the most difficult one to get here. Austrian laws make it hard for the locals to want to rent their apartments only for a season. They will probably ask you to sign a 3-year contract. The only trick here is that after the first year you can decide whether you want to stay longer or not. But you’ll be paying over summer even if you’re not there. So finding an apartment to rent only for a season is difficult, but not impossible. 
Also, on the facebook seasoners page you’ll find people renting out a room for the season in their apartments. A great option to meet new people!If you have a dog, your options will shrink. Renting your own season apartment with a few friends will be your best bet. You can also have a look at Ramsau Laimach, Zell am Ziller or Kaltenbach/Fügen… Mayrhofen is not the only place. If you’ve never visited Austria before, you should know this valley is pretty flat. This means that distances between villages are not so big. Owning a bike can be a great option for Spring! Otherwise, you can hop on the ZillertalBahn, it is for free with your Snow Card Tirol (if you want more information about it to visit their website)
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You can kill two birds with one stone by getting a job at a place that offers you a room for the season. Problem solved! You’ll save some money and most likely you’ll be working in a hotel. And hotels in Mayrhofen and around are great. Working for them translates into free food. That’s a huge plus for a broke seasoner that only wants to enjoy their time in Austria. The only BUT is that your boss will always be around, and they’ll probably won’t like you hosting any of your one-night stands or friends. Dogs are also not allowed normally.

If you own a caravan or a van this is a great option to save money. And yes, on a cold day you could miss a good fireplace but the whole camping experience sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it? You can also rent a bungalow so you don’t need to walk on flip flops on cold snowy days. If you are a camping expert we won’t need to tell you that taking a pee means walking in the snow. But, if you are lucky and have some cool neighbours, it can be a great experience.

Did we mention that Finding accommodation in Zillertal can be challenging? This type of apartment might be tricky. It is normally a separate bed in the landlord’s own apartment. It is a decent option only if you get to know your landlord and you both get along.
They might want to rip you off by asking you for money when you bring friends over. DON’T PAY IT. There is no law for that. It’s just a trick to get you to pay extra. If you are a smoker and you dare to do so in your room, you might have your dear neighbour knocking on your door to complain about the smell.
Summing up: good option if you get along with the landlord.

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We know it’s really easy to make a search on the Internet but you won’t get answers that fast. And you might be lucky enough to get your accommodation sorted through the Facebook Seasoners Page. That’d be ideal, but not everybody gets it that easily. 

In case you’re not one of the lucky bastards that get all magically sorted by contacting the right person on the Internet, don’t be scared: book your flight, go there, walk around and negotiate in person. 

By this point you’ve got that message, but we needed to say it once more. This way you’ll avoid any possible inconvenience or scam. You’ll meet a lot of people in the same situation you’re in. And who knows… Maybe you’ll find your next roomie already at the hostel you’re staying, or even a job that offers you accommodation.

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