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Config Magnetic Spare Lens

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Magnetic interchangeable lenses

Change lenses in a matter of seconds.

UV-400 protection

All our lenses come with a UV-400 protection layer.

A lens for each type of weather

Pro bum tip: 1 goggle with 2 lenses will do the job without breaking the bank.

Customer Reviews

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10 from 10

I can finally see everything during bad wheather conditions, but the lens also works with sun - 10 from 10!

Marina Alonso
Game Changer Low-light Lens

This low-light lens is increidbly good. I used to have an electric low lens for bad weather conditions that was just useful for that. As soon as there was a ray of sun shinning too much I would not be able to open my eyes anymore. But this one is a gamechanger. Obviously it's pretty sick for misty and foggy days when you can barely see your mates next to you but it's also pretty freaking good with SUN. Yes, on sunny wintery conditions. Yesterday was one of those days when down in the valley is foggy as hell and as soon as you get to the top it's really bright and sunny. I went for this lens and I didn't need to change to the darker one because IT JUST WORKS WITH SUN TOO. Your eyes adapt to it and although it is obviously not made for it specifically, it is incredibly good and you don't need to run to your backpack to change it. You can just keep riding all day long! 100% RECOMMENDED

Magnetic lens system.

Swap lenses in a matter of seconds. With or without gloves.

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